Lernvall Audio

LAConvolver Audio Unit Plug-in

LAConvolver is an Audio Units plug-in for convolving the audio stream with an impulse response stored in an audio file. Typically it is used for applying reverb from a sampled impulse response.
LAConvolver is free but donations will certainly encourage further development.

Please refer to the table below to get the correct version for your Mac.

Mac OS Version Apple Silicon Intel 64-bits Intel 32-bits PowerPC Version
11.0+ Yes Yes No No 0.4
10.6+ No Yes Yes No 0.3.4
10.5+ No Yes Yes Yes 0.3.2
10.4+ No No No Yes 0.3

News in version 0.4

News in version 0.3.4

News in version 0.3.3

News in version 0.3.2


Known issues


The CPU-load is dependent on the number of frames per slice, larger slices give lower CPU-load. On an iBook G4 800 MHz with a sample rate of 44,100 Hz and 4,096 frames per slice the CPU-load is about 3% per second of impulse response.

Impulse Responses

Impulse responses are available for free at various sites. You can find a list here.


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